Cryosurgery - Controlled Freezing Process for Warts, Skin Tags and Other Skin Lesions


Liquid nitrogen is applied to the lesion using a cotton applicator stick or an aerosol spray. Your consultant will touch the tip of the probe to the affected area. How long your consultant keeps the probe touching the skin depends on the size and type of the lesion. For some abnormal tissue, the procedure works best if the tissue is frozen quickly, allowed to thaw for a few minutes, and then frozen again.


For skin lesions such as warts, a small blister will form. The blister will later become a scab or a crust. We will advise you how to care for the wound. There are usually no complications from this procedure. However, some abnormal tissues may need to be treated more than once. We will tell you how often you should be checked for recurrence or re-treatment. You will need a follow-up visit to check healing and to see if any abnormal tissue still remains


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