Cryolipolysis Non Surgical Fat Reduction

"The latest innovation in Fat Reduction technology. Non-invasive, non-surgical and no down-time with fantastic results." Sam Reshat GM


Cryolipolysis is the process of breaking down fat by freezing tissue beneath the skin. At nlclinics we use advanced technolgy able to vacuum large pockets of fat simultaneously into several cold cups. The vacuum brings tissue closer together helping the cold cups penetrate deeper into the tissue for even lower temperatures. Using simultaneous heads we can treat multiple areas at once increasing productivityand generting faster results than others. Overall results can be seen within the first 2 weeks.


What areas can Cryolipolysis treat?


We can treat any medium or large area such as love handles, tummy, legs, upper arms, inner thighs, buttocks etc. The CoolSlim has 2 heads which can be used individually or together depending on your requirement and consultation*. For example;


Upper OR Lower Abdomen ... 1 head ... 1 area

Upper AND Lower Abdomen ... 2 heads ... 2 areas

Love Handles ... 2 heads ... 2 areas

Inner Thighs .... 2 heads ... 2 areas


*Please note the treatment price is based upon the number of heads used per session.


Is Cryolipolysis bad for me?


Cryolypolysis is not bad for the body. The freezing temepratures kill fat cells which are removed natural in the lympatic system. The skin can withstand temperatures well below freezing and is unaffected by the Cryoliplysis temperature.


Does Cryolipolysis hurt?


The treatment is not painful, although the initial sensation when the suction heads are applied can feel a little uncomfortable. Even though the area being treated is "frozen",  the client does not feel cold. The only side effect following the treatment can be very mild bruising due to the suction heads, but this will fade over a few days at the most.  


How long does Cryolipolysis take?


The treatment takes approximately 60 minutes per session. There is no downtime, and normal activities can be resumed immediately.  


How many sessions do I need?


Treatment is once a month per area and the results can take up to 90 days, although many people can see a difference from as little as a week following treatment. The amount of treatment necessary depends upon the volume of area to be treated.  Some clients may require just one treatment, whilst others will need a few treatments to cover an area fully.



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Coolslim Cryolipolysis

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